Special Exam 2022 & 2nd Annual Examinations 2022

Special Exam 2022 & 2nd Annual Examinations 2022 will be arranged after the commencement of first Annual Exam 2022. Many students have repeatedly asked questions such as whether special exams 2022 will be held or now. The education boards have already issued notifications in this regard.

Notification Special Exam 2022 & 2nd Annual Examinations 2022

From the beginning till 202,1 almost every Educational Board has been conducting 2nd annual examination after the result of first annual examinations which is called Supply Examination. However, from this year 2022 onwards, the Educational Boards have decided that the supplementary examination which is being conducted will still be conducted in the same manner but the name of this examination will be changed to Second Annual Examination or Special Examination.

IBCC Notification:

The chairman of IBCC has made it clear in the live interview that from now on the name of the supply exams will be changed to Second Annual Examination so that the students who get the supply will not be upset and discouraged.
Evidence of IBCC chairman’s live meeting as proof is present in this video.

Notification from Educational Boards

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Boards of Education also has issued a notification saying that the second annual examination which used to be called ‘Supply Examination’ will now be renamed as ‘Special Examination’.

Special Exam 200
Special Exam 2022

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