Roll Number Slips Special Exams 2020 BISE Balochistan Board

Roll Number Slips Special Exams 2020 BISE Balochistan Board. At present, all the education boards of the country are conducting special examinations for students. There are some education boards that have started taking their special exams but there are some educational boards whose students have just applied for their special exams 2020 and their roll number slips are also coming within few days. On the other hand, Balochistan Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education has issued roll number slips for special examinations. Students can now download roll numbers for their 10th and 12th grade special exams from the internet.

special exams 2020
Roll Number Slip Special Exams 2020

How to download Roll Number Slips?

For matriculation roll number, you just have to enter your previous roll number in given box and download your roll number slip but for intermediate roll number slips, students need to put their old roll number, full name, father’s name and registration number / application ID:

Matric Roll Number Slips

Intermediate Roll Number Slips

Major Changes In Education System:

As we all know, corona virus has disrupted the entire world system. Not only the business system but also the education system has been disrupted to a great extent. As a result, the education system has undergone many changes that have never been made before.

Students’ Promotion:

Corono Virus epidemics have not only severely affected studies but also the examination system to a great extent. To prevent further damage to the education of students, the government has made temporary changes in the education system and had to make some new rules. One of the most important changes is that all students have been promoted to the next class under a special promotion policy.

What is the special exam?

But then the problem arose that there were a lot of students who were going to take the supply test, there were also a lot of students who were going to take the test again but they could not take the test due to corona virus. Even among the students who were promoted in the next classes, there were many students who were not satisfied with their result, so a special examination was formed for all those students which was named as special examination.


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