New Schedule of Canceled Papers in Annual Exam 2022

New Schedule of Canceled Papers in Annual Exam 2022 has been issued. Annual Matriculation and Intermediate examinations 2022 have been started in all the boards of Pakistan. Education boards in each province conduct examinations for students according to the given date sheet. These exams will continue till May, June and July 2022.

Exam Paper Cancellation

A large number of students take part in the annual examinations. Due to the large number of students, the boards try to set up as many examination centers as possible so that the children do not face any difficulty in attending the examinations. Despite the precautions, due to some irregularities, the examination papers are leaked. According to reports, some examination papers were canceled in Punjab province and similarly, English class X paper was leaked in Mirpur Azad Kashmir Board.

New Schedule of Canceled Papers in Annual Exam 2022

When the exam paper is leaked, the board administration immediately cancels the paper and the paper is changed and brought back to another date. Punjab and other boards have not yet announced new dates. However, Mirpur Azad Jammu and Kashmir has decided to take the paper again on June 14 in Morning time by releasing the schedule of English paper for class X. The following is the notification issued by the Board as evidence.

New Schedule of Canceled Papers in Annual Exam 2022
New Schedule of Canceled Papers in Annual Exam 2022

Supervision of Examinations

It is to be noted that the examination centers are equipped with CCTV cameras along with the supervising staff to monitor the examinations so that the examinations can be monitored in a better way and unpleasant situations can be avoided. Despite all this, sometimes there are situations where the exam paper is leaked but the law does its job and the exam paper is canceled and re-taken.

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