Exams Tips: Don’t Make These Mistakes Before the Exam

Exams Tips: Don’t Make These Mistakes Before the Exam. This article is for all students who have to attend board exams, especially for Matric students and onward. Some special tips are being shared with you which will be very useful for the students.

Exams Tips: Don’t Make These Mistakes Before the Exam

Students should be careful not to make these mistakes before and during the exams.

  • Don’t learn new lessons when exams are very close. Just repeat the lessons you already remember.
  • Just Revise the lessons already remembered while not Cramming (رٹہ) because memorizing from Cramming makes you forget the lesson very quickly.
  • Do not study till late on the night of the exam, otherwise you will become sluggish (کاہلی), lazy and sleepy while writing the paper.
  • Sleep regularly on routine during exams. If you change the bedtime, you will be tired and sleepy during the paper, which will not make the paper complete.
  • Never ignore the objective (MCQs), short questions, detailed questions and numericals given at the end of the chapters in the each book.
  • Do not rely on any Guess Paper.
  • Don’t rely on any teacher, friend or relative who will help you in the exam.

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