English Smart Syllabus Class 11th | FBISE Intermediate Smart Syllabus

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English Smart Syllabus Class 11th | FBISE Intermediate Smart Syllabus.

intermediate smart syllabus 2020

English Smart Syllabus Class 11th:

No. Title No. Title
1.        Responsibilities of the Youth 6. Mother to Son (poem)
2.        His First Flight 8. Wasteland
3         Good Timber (poem) 11. The Importance of Family
4         From Mother…With Love 16. School Vs Education
5         It’s Country for Me 18. A Dream Within A Dream
7         Choice of Career 19. Drug Abuse in the Youth of Pakistan
9         The White Lamb
10       The World is Too Much with Us (poem)
12       The Blanket
13       Ozymandias (poem)
14       A Long Walk Home
15       University Days
17       What You Do is What You Are
20       How to Take a Job Interview
21       The Road Not Taken (poem)
22       The Progress


NOTE:           The inclusion &exclusion of units encompass the relevant exercises also.


NOTE: There will be no change in the following fields:

  1. Any essay of relatively advance nature
  2. A passage of fairly advanced prose for comprehension and precis writing
  3. Grammar – Synthesis Idioms


Section “A” Functional English

  1. Any essay of relatively advanced nature
  2. A passage of fairly advanced prose followed by:
    1. A series of comprehension questions
    2. A precis of all parts of the passage


Section “B” Text

  1. Poetry: The Magic Casement: Book-II (Poem No.5, 7, 11, 12, 16, 19 and 20 are excluded)
  2. Prose: A new Anthology of Essays (Essay No.3, 5, 8, 11, 12, 13, 19 and 22 are excluded)
  3. Grammar: Synthesis/Idioms


Previous News About Federal Board Intermediate Smart Syllabus:

At last came the news that all the students were eagerly waiting for. From the day the government announced to give smart syllabus from first class to tenth class, the students of class XI and XII have demanded that they should also be provided smart syllabus otherwise they will face many difficulties in preparing for next year’s exams.  Finally, today the Federal Board announced the awarding of 11th and 12th class class syllabus.

fbise intermediate smart syllabus
FBISE Intermediate Smart Syllabus 2021

According to the notice, the federal board said that smart labs for 11th and 12th classes will be published next week. Now, as the Federal Board has announced to give smart syllabus, it is hoped that all other education boards will soon announce smart syllabus for class XI and XII.

Smart Syllabus For Class 1 to 10:

It may be recalled that the syllabus of class I to X has already been published in schools and on the Internet and this syllabus has been started in schools.

How much syllabus will be reduced for 11th and 12th Classes?

As the Federal Board has announced to give smart syllabus to 11th and 12th class students, it is hoped that other boards of education will also announce smart syllabus soon and this syllabus will be reduced by 3%.

What is Smart Syllabus?

The Punjab Textbook Board announced the introduction of a new syllabus on August 5 called Smart Syllabus. This syllabus is fifty percent of the full year syllabus. According to some reports, it is also being said that this syllabus will be 60% of the syllabus of the whole year.

For Which Classes Smart Syllabus will be available?

The Punjab Textbook Board has announced the introduction of a new syllabus for the annual examinations 2021 for first class to tenth class which has been named as Smart Syllabus. This syllabus was started in all public and private schools from September 2020 and will be completed by February 2021. The annual exams 2021 will also be taken on the basis of the same smart syllabus. This syllabus is 50% of the commonly given syllabus. This syllabus has also been made available on the internet after its publication and has been sent to all public and private schools.

For Which Classes Smart Syllabus is available?

At present only ninth and tenth grade syllabus has been provided which has also been started in all public and private schools.

Why Smart Syllabus is given to students?

It was unanimously decided by all the provinces that smart syllabuses should be given to the children so that next year’s annual examinations 2021 could be taken on time. The teachers also said that if the syllabus was not shortened, the children would be able to take the annual exams on time next year 2021.


Smart Syllabus for 11th and 12th Class:

Eleventh and twelfth grade smart syllabus have not been introduced yet. It is also being heard that smart syllabuses of class XI and XII will not be given while students are also getting angry about how they will be able to give exams on time next year without smart syllabus so they should also be given smart syllabuses.

From where you can get this smart syllabus?

As soon as the syllabus is published, we will inform you immediately on this website and also provide you the complete syllabus in detail.

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