Date Sheet B.A/B.Sc/B.Com/Associate Degree in Arts/Science/Commerce

Date Sheet B.A/B.Sc/B.Com/Associate Degree in Arts/Science/Commerce

سرگودھایونیورسٹی نے بی۔اے، بی۔ایس۔سی،بی۔کام کے امتحانات کی تفصیلی ڈیٹ شیٹ جاری کردی ہے۔امتحانات سترہ ستمبرسے شروع ہونگے۔ امتحانات میں بیٹھنے کیلئے قومی شناختی کارڈ،رولنمبرسلپ اور ماسک ہونا نہایت ضروری ہےورنہ امتحان میں بیٹھنے کی اجازت نہیں دی جائیگی۔



See the important instructions on the date sheet:

  • Candidates for English Compulsory, Urdu Compulsory and Study Pakistan Compulsory will be attending their exams at two different times i.e. first time will be at 9 am and second time will be at 2 pm.
  • Students will not be allowed to appear for the examination in any other examination center except the time and the time in which the examination is to be written on the roll number slip.
  • If the candidates walk out of the examination room in a paper. They will be considered absent from this paper and will not be re-attending under any circumstances.
  • The announcement of any holiday during the examination will not affect the date sheet at all and the examination will be in accordance with the dates given in the date sheet.
  • Candidates should make sure that the dates and times of the subjects listed on this roll number slip are correct and also compare all of them with the detailed date sheet available in the center so that in case of any mistake, the candidates can appear for the examination in any subject.
  • All the students will ensure their presence in the center half an hour before the start of each paper. They will be present in the center at 8 am, 1 pm and on Friday at 2 pm otherwise they will not be allowed to sit in the center.
  • Candidates will not be allowed to use mobile phones. At the beginning of each paper, the supervisory staff will inform the candidates about the scheduled time of the paper and implement it.
  • The Intermediate Special Examination 2020 will be for part-second subjects only, in which the objective paper will be distributed first and the syllabus later. The prescribed time has been entered on the indent and objective slip.
  • Mobile phones are not permitted in the examination center. In case of violation, the mobile phone will be confiscated and you will be referred to the police.

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Date Sheet B.A/B.Sc/B.Com/Associate Degree In Arts/Science/Commerce

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