Biology Guess Paper 2020 2nd Year | FSc Part 2 Guess Paper 2020‎

Biology guess paper 2nd year 2020

Biology Guess Paper 2020 2nd Year | FSc Part 2 Guess Paper 2020‎. All of the questions below are questions that have appeared in the last five years of annual examinations and supplementary examinations. This paper is made by expert teachers. All students are requested to read the following important questions once. It is hoped that most of the questions will come up in the exam. We already have uploaded the guess papers of Physics, English and Chemistry.

Important Long Questions For Biology 2nd Year Special Exams

  • Chapter (15): Discuss nature of excretory products in animals to various habitats,specifically in in association of water availability, iOsmoregulationiin different environments,ithermoregulation inimammals, dialysis, Liver, excretion in plants, formation and concentrators of urine.


  • Chapter (16): What are the advantages of exoskeleton?, Define secondary growth,Explain.  Significance of secondary growth,iPlant movements,islidingiFilament Model,iExoskeleton, Skull,iVertebralicolumn.


  • Chapter (17): Describe different types of learning behaviour,iPlant hormones, Pituitary gland,iThyroid gland, Adrenal Gland,iTypes of Receptors, Nerve Impulse,iLearning Behaviour.


  • Chapter (18): iFemale reproductiveiCycle, Describe human menstrual cycle, Male &iFemale reproductiveiSystem.


  • Chapter (19):iGrowth Correlation.iMeristem,iEmbryoniciinduction, Aging.


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  • Chapter (20):iDNA Replication process,iTranscription,iExperiment of Hershey &iChase/Meselson-Stahl, Genetic code,iTranslation.


  • Chapter (22):iLaw ofiSegregation,iRh Blood groups,iSex determination,iColour blindness,iIncomplete dominance, Independent assortment,iTest cross, multiple alleles,iDiabeties.


  • Chapter (24):iEvidences of evolution,iDarwinism, Evolution fromiProkaryote to Eukaryote,iHardiWeinberg theorem and factors.


  • Chapter (25): Symbiosis,iSuccession,iNzcycle.


  • Chapter (27): Write a note on types of pollution, Why is there a need of protection and conservation of the environment?


The most important thing for MCQ questions is to prepare all the questions given at the end of each chapter. Also, some short or objective questions are given in the middle of the lessons. You must also read them. Some students also prepare model papers for the objective but before reading the model paper you must prepare all the short questions, long questions and objective questions given at the end of each chapter.


Note: If you have any question, Please! write down in comment box, Thank you

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